On Indonesian & Singaporean TV

MNC Business is a news channel broadcast in Indonesia and Singapore, similar to the USA’a MSNBC. As a result of Eka Soerbakti’s prodding, I was invited to speak with host Elmo Hakim for a one hour segment on innovation and the creative economy. Although the questions emailed ahead of time were a bit dry, I appreciated Elmo’s ability to roll with the discussion and take it into some interesting areas. I was given some time to talk about our emerging theory on Inventive Culture. I was then allowed to reframe Innovation as something that requires a benefit to all strata of society, not just certain players. Finally I was able to give some exposure to those who had helped and inspired me along the trip, including Eka, Laretna Adishakti of Center for Heritage Conservation, Svida Alisjahbana at Femina Group and Singgih Kartono of Magno Radio. Once the interview ended, Elmo turned to me with a big smile and said, “this was interesting and so much more fun than reading the numbers!…which I have to do next.”

As an added bonus I was asked to demonstrate our Teastick on air!

I should be able to post the show once we navigate the legal mumbo jumbo…

5 thoughts on “On Indonesian & Singaporean TV

  1. Susan

    Aly, It took me 5 whole minutes to realize that was you in that suit and tie!! What an awesome experience. Well done.

  2. aly Post author

    Dear Mr.Khalifa,

    My Pleasure to have you in our English Talkshow Program, talking about the Inspirative issue on CreativePreneurship. We really hope that we can keep our good relations, and always be informed with the latest projects or programs that you have.

    Warm Regards from Jakarta,


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