My name is Aly Khalifa. I’m a product innovator and creative entrepreneur. Over time my wife, Beth, and I have realized that we keep gravitating towards and nurturing “inventive culture.”

Inventive Culture is about establishing that environment that creative people thrive in – and leads them to create new works: from new product inventions to open source festivals.

Here are some links to our work:

Gamil Design, a product and branding consultancy

Gamila Company, a gourmet product brand that includes the Teastick

Designbox, a collective of independent creative professionals

SPARKcon, the nation’s largest open source festival.

LYF Shoes, our latest efforts to re-invent the ways shoes are made and sold

Maximus Circus, a premier show curated for Raleigh events


You can see my profile here:

Aly Khalifa’s Linked In page

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  1. Tony Kuo

    Hi , Aly ,

    So nice to visit your blog , I strongly feel that what is a professional design leader and now I am more clear understanding your style of working — professional , open minded , seroiously…..

    I feel great .


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